CC Otwarte Systemy Komputerowe Sp. z o.o.

CC Otwarte Systemy Komputerowe Sp. z o.o. - CC Open Computer Systems Ltd. is a privately owned limited company based in Warsaw, Poland. CC is a software house and IT services company - providing secure IT solutions to Enterprises. We are an independent software vendor and system integrator. We specialize in software development and system security, our main target markets are: banking and finance, government & non-profit, Telco & SP.


VASCO designs, develops, markets and supports patented "Identification Authentication" products for secure access, e-business and e-commerce. VASCO's user authentication software is carried by the end user on its Digipass products which are small calculator hardware devices, or in a software format on mobile phones, other portable devices, and PCs. At the server side, VASCO's VACMAN products guarantee that only the designated DIGIPASS user gets access to the application.

Authentication engine

Vasco VACMAN RADIUS Middleware (VRM) is the token authentication engine. It fits seamlessly into any RADIUS environment without creating new management headaches. A single interface - the VACMAN Middleware Admin GUI - lets you assign and manage the Digipass tokens you've distributed to authorised users, while automatically handling all strong authentication requests. VRM needs to be installed on a high availability Windows 2003/2008 server within the network. The transaction rate for authentication will likely be no more than 1-2 per minute so it will not put any strain on the server.

Hardware Tokens

Vasco offer a choice of Digipass time synchronous tokens - Go-1 and Go-3. Both have a minimum battery life of 5 years before replacement.

The GO-1 token has a slide back cover and a choice of attachments. It is ultra-portable and can be carried in a shirt pocket, clipped on a belt, worn on a necklace or as a classy key holder. This is reinforced by its stylish design. The combination of aesthetics and security will ensure that users will like to deploy and to wear the Digipass Go 1.

The Go-3 token is smaller than the Go-1 and is button activated. This ultra-portable, Strong Authentication token provides high convenience and user acceptability. It is ideal for key ring attachment but can also be attached to a necklace.

The DIGIPASS pack addresses the security gap caused by using static passwords for user authentication. The DIGIPASS pack enforces two factor authentication to any network environment that can utilize the RADIUS protocol. Typical environments include VPN, firewall and remote access users. The DIGIPASS Pack also brings strong authentication to web applications such as CITRIX NFuse. The DIGIPASS Pack has been certified with AVAYA, Check Point, CISCO Systems, EVIDIAN, Juniper NetScreen etc.